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    Alaska Demolition Contractors

    Rest assured that Alaska Demolition Contractors follows all OSHA guidelines when performing their Demolition contractor service for your project. Demolition work involves many of the hazards associated with construction. However, demolition incurs additional hazards due to unknown factors such as: deviations from the structure’s design introduced during construction, approved or unapproved modifications that altered the original design, materials hidden within structural members, and unknown strengths or weaknesses of construction materials. To counter these unknowns, all personnel involved in a demolition project must be fully aware of these types of hazards and the safety precautions to take to control the hazards.

    Demolition Contractor Preparatory Operations

    Before the start of every demolition project, Alaska Demolition Contractors, your demolition contractor, takes a number of steps to safeguard the health and safety of contractor workers at the job site. These demolition preparatory operations involve the overall planning of the demolition project, including the methods to be used to bring the structure down, the equipment necessary to do the job, and the measures to be taken to perform the work safely. Planning for a demolition project is as important as actually doing the work. Therefore, all planning work should be performed by a competent Demolition Contractor, experienced in all phases of the demolition work to be performed. Alaska Demolition Contractor is that Demolition Contractor!