Bartlett Satellite Demolition

Gakona Bridge Demolition

We finished screening out the big pieces of concrete out of the debris. (thank God) Hammered on the abutment for about 2 hours and then the machine pulled the concrete out. Hammered again for a few minutes when we got to the retaining wall edges where the piling was driven only about 2 foot apart making it a little more difficult. Granite signed off on our work and agreed that they would remobe us to demo the west abutment after they get done using it to pile drive the new bridge from. Granite’s original plan was to put their crane in the middle of the river bed, but due to the hole in the ice that we encountered they modified their plan to use the west abutment. We are going back up on monday to demobe the 450 and our supplies. This was a good job, and the crew had fun but we are all glad to be back to a town that has more than one hotel and place to eat.



Tanana River Bridge

Pt. Whitshed – Arc Wireless Tower

Alaska Rail Road train storage shed

Demolition of the Alaska Rail Road train storage shed in Whittier. All of the debris was removed with coordinated trucking through the Whittier Tunnel.

Dallas Housing Project

Dallas Housing Project
Scope of work: Complete demolition and removal of 22 8-plex buildings including garages, all streets, driveways, playgrounds, sidewalks and utility disconnects.